BRAHMOTSAVAM February 14th 2011 - February 19th 2011

 King Parikshith, the grandson, of Arjuna ruled over Hastinapura after Pandavas retired to Kailasa. One day, Parikshith was thirsty while on a hunting trip to the forest.  He found a saint in deep meditation. He asked for water and the Rishi (saint) did not reply. Parikshith got frustrated and played a prank by putting a dead snake around the neck of the Rishi. He was cursed by the Rishi that he would die of a snake bite within a week and he died consequently at the hands of  the Naga prince Takshaka.

When Janamejaya, the son of Parikshith became the King, he wanted to avenge the death of his father and performed Sarpa Yaga (serpent penance).  Things then took a fateful turn. Astika, who was born of a man and a Naga woman, came to the snake sacrifice and seeing what was happening, explained to Janamejaya that Takshaka was safe under Indra's protection. Janamejaya was extremely pleased to have gotten this valuable information and granted Astika a wish.  Astika asked to stop the snake sacrifice, instead of asking for gold or silver.

Then Saint Vasista asked Janamejaya to perform consecration (Prathista) of Vishnava temples to redeem the sins of killing innocent snakes during Sarpa Yaga.  Consequently, Chennakesava idol was consecrated in Koundinya Asrama to perform regular pujas.  After many years, the idol was covered by an ant hill (putta).  In 11th century A.D., Golla Koulutla observed that his cow was letting its milk flow to the ant hill (putta).  That night, Lord Chennakesava (Vishnu) appeared in his dream and told him to remove the anthill and re-consecrate His idol. Koulutla dutifully followed the instructions and from then on the deity was known as Koulutla Chennakesava Swami.

The great Vijayanagar King, Sri Krishadevaraya, constructed a temple complex for the deity.  This temple is located in the Kappatralla reserve forest in the Devanakonda mandal in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh.  There are 3 Siva shrines in the same temple complex.  One of the Siva temples houses Lord Mallikarjuna Swami with Bhramarambika Devi, Vijaya Vinayaka and Shanmukha Subrahmanyam.  There is also a shrine of Lord Dakshinamurthy whose powers will provide relief (Dosha pariharam) for those suffering from Naga Dosha, Rahu or Kethu Dosha and Kalasarpa Dosha.  In the 19th century, Sringeri Sankaracharya constructed a shrine for Lord Viswanatha.

Every year, Brahmathsovams are performed during Magha Pournima (full-moon day) by the trustee of the temple from the funds raised from the public.  The Dharani family has been the trustees of the temple for several hundred years.  We earnestly request donations from the devotees for the upkeep and improvement of the temple.

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Dharani Nagabhushana Rao (Trustee)
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BRAHMOTSAVAM February 14th 2011 - February 19th 2011

P. Kotakonda, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India